Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tentative Surgery Date March 8th, on call list....

Simon's osteotomy surgery at Shriner's hospital in Portland, Oregon is tentatively scheduled for March 8th. We are on a "call" list if a cancellation comes up, and apparantly this does happen frequently. So we are a bit on pins and needles waiting for the call. However, we haven't gone as far to pack a bag yet, but we are thinking we need to get prepared (I have started collecting 'finger' puppets that we can play with in bed as he likes this sort of thing!) .

Simon will be in the hospital for 3-4 days and then possibly in a spica cast for 6 weeks. Luckily we do have some experience (not necessarily good though!) of the petrie cast last April, so we know alittle of what to expect with a cast. However, the spica cast is quite a bit more extensive, plus he will have had surgery, so there will be some pain involved.

After the Spica cast comes off, he will go back into the hospital for a few days of rehab, then it will take a few weeks to learn to walk again, and then a few more to get his leg strength back.

He seems to be hanging in there. He limps pretty regularly now, and is a bit more hyper the last month or two, so I'm thinking he is having some chronic pain. We do give him motrin nightly now so he can try to get through the night. Without the motrin, he usually wakes up crying at some point (though he rarely complains it's his leg). He occasionally says (in a matter of fact way) that his leg hurts. He is a tough cookie. That is good for him in dealing with his health issues.... not always so good for mom who has to maintain some sort of order at home with 2 VERY active and head strong boys!

I plan to journal his progress once he has surgery as often as I can, so please check back!